National Wrestling League

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2017 LOTR Lineup

Official 2017 NWL HOUSE of PAIN Lord Of The Rings/Neil Superior Memorial Cup 11

Tournament Line Up 


Shianne Anders

Bob Keller

Dave Repp Jr.

Ref Granny


Match Set 1

Ring 1 - Referee Shianne Anders 

Ron Lopez vs Bruce Leebawitz w/ Dave Shapiro vs Taco Laco  

Ring 2 -  Ref Granny

Ish Martinez w/ Gropper Cleavage vs BJ Anderson w/ TJ Anderson 

Match Set 2

Ring 1 - Referee Bob Keller 

Aaron Kindrich vs Robbie Stryker

Ring 2 - Referee Dave Repp Jr. 

Dalton Hayes vs LA Starr

Match Set 3

Ring 1 - Referee Danika 

Timothius A.G. vs Jackpot Jimmy Jessup 

Ring 2 - Referee Shianne Anders

Shane Shadows vs Sidney Porter -

Match Set 4

Ring 1 - Ref Granny 

Tate Griffin vs Bo Ross 

Ring 2 -  Referee Bob Keller 

Michael Osborne w/ Wildman Robbie Paige vs Manolis Pyro Pulse 

Match Set 5

Ring 1 - Referee Danika 

Steve Hunter w/ Dave Shapiro vs Radical Willie 

Ring 2 - Referee Dave Repp Jr. 

  Jimmy Starz w/ Andy "Winner" Vinebrg vs Iceberg Joe 

Match Set 6

Ring 1 - Referee Bob Keller 

Tremor w/ Gropper Cleavage vs Flex Phenom 

Ring 2 - Referee Shianne Anders 

Leslie Leatherman vs Gustin Uberstud 

Match Set 7

Ring 1 - Referee Dave Repp Jr. 

GOAT's Kris Kage vs Jake "The Machine" Davis 

Ring 2 - Referee Danika 

Hyde vs Headshrinker Samu

Match Set 8

Ring 1 - Referee Shianne Anders 

Sexy Steve w/ Andy "Winner" Vineberg vs Angus Bedford 

Ring 2 - Ref Granny 

Bobby Starr vs Eddie Paige 

Match Set 9

Ring 1 - Referee Bob Keller 

GOAT's Whiplash vs Mr. Excellence Brandon Scott

Ring 2 - Referee Danika 

Freak vs Jon Wes

Match Set 10

Ring 1 - Referee Shianne Anders 

RJR vs Lance Anoai 

Ring 2 - Referee Dave Repp Jr. 

Jason Radatz vs Manny Martinez 


NWL staff will present a plaque to the family of long time NWL HOUSE of PAIN fan Debbie Allard Leonard who passed away earlier this year. This year's tournament is being dedicated to Debbie, and we hope she has an awesome seat next to Neil as they look down upon this amazing evening of quality professional wrestling action and a gathering of pro wrestling family, good friends and long time fans.


5 Man Brawl Each Ring

Ring 1: Match Set 1,3,5,7,9 Winners - Referee Bob Keller

Ring 2: Match Set 2,4,6,8,10 Winners - Referee Dave Repp Jr.


Both rings can be used. No count outs, submissions or no DQs. Must win by pinfall only.

Ring 1 Semi Final Round Winner vs Ring 2 Semi Final Round Winner - Referee Shianne Anders

Seating at The Wherehouse is limited, contact Christine Anders to guarantee a seat for this exciting event honoring Neil Superior.