National Wrestling League

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Extreme Hardcore Photos

Extreme Hardcore Photo Gallery

After the NWL Tag Team Title "Weapons" Match
157th MPC Fundraiser
Army National Guard Armory
Martinsburg, WV
July 19, 2003

Martinsburg, WV
After Barbwire Baseball Bat Title Match
June 21, 2003

Martinsburg, WV
after a Weapons Tag Team Title Match
July 19, 2003

National Guard Armory, Woodstock VA
After Steel Chain Title Match
July 24, 1999

HoPWF 5 Year Anniversary Show
The Firehouse - Greencastle, PA
April 6, 2002

Barbed Wire Match
Thor vs John Rambo
March 6, 1998
Barbed Wire Match
Mad Russian vs John Rambo
March 14, 1998
Barbed Wire Match
Vladamir Markov vs John Rambo
March 21, 1998