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National Wrestling League

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February 20, 2016

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Match 1
Kidd Mike with Open Challenge
Referees:   In: Doug Rafferty  Out: Josh Green

Match 2
Jay Mysterio vs Vincent Steel vs Brandon Epic vs Mike Giron
Referees:  In: Shianne Anders  Out: Granny

Match 3
Cruiserweight Championship Match
J-Balla vs Willie Radical
Referees:   In: Doug Rafferty     Out: Bobby 

Match 4
4 Way Match
Gauntlet Match - Dark Horses vs The Freak & Armstrong vs 

Chuckie Wynn & Mad Melvin vs Winners Circle
Referees:  In: Shianne Anders  Out: Granny

Match 5
Heavyweight Championship Match
Outcast Butch Hess vs LA Starr
Referees:  In:  Doug Rafferty     Out: Josh Green

Match 6
Hardcore Title Match
Chuckie Manson vs Tremor
Referees:  Outside:  Shianne  & Doug