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National Wrestling League

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March 20, 2016

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Match 1

Battle Royal

Match 2

4 Way Match

Mason Moxley vs Adam Armstrong vs Vincent Steele vs Mike Giron

Referee:  Matthew Calamare

Match 3

Triple Threat Match

Wesley Schmuckley vs Tyson Creed vs Jiovanni Scortessi

Referee:  Doug Rafferty

Match 4

Hard Core Championship Match

Kidd Mike vs Chuckie Manson

Referee:  Shianne Anders

Match 5

Tag Team Championship Tornado Tag

Dawgs of War VS Dream Warrior Brady Hart & RL Smith VS Hoss Leonard & Big Aaron Nasty VS Dark Horses

Referee:  Shianne Anders

Match 6

4 Way Cruiserweight Championship

J-Balla VS Freak VS Chucky Wynn VS Willie Radical

Referee:  Doug Rafferty

Match 7

NWL Heavyweight Championship Lumberjack Match

LA Star vs Outcast Butch Hess w/Vanessa Foxx

Referee:  Doug Rafferty