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HoPWF Thursday Night Closed Matches
Results & High Scorer

"Live from the heart of beautiful downtown Hagerstown, Maryland"
"Old School Professional Wrestling - The Way It Was Meant To Be!"

Based on the NWL HOUSE of PAIN Category Grading System:
1 - Appearance
2 - Personality
3 - Psychology
4 - Ring Presence
5 - Technique & Safety
6 - Selling
7 - Conditioning
8 - Following Instructions
9 - Mic Skills
10 - Professionalism

A score of 1, 2 or 3 will be given in category. The higher the score, the better the talent.
1 pt = needs improvement
2 pts = average
3 pts = professional

The first ever HoPWF Thursday Night Matches "closed" practice session went over exceptionally well.
It was a great start to what's going to prove to be the best training technique I've come up with in the 19 years teaching new talent.


February 11, 2017

December 3, 2016

Results Dec 3 2016
HoPWF Holiday Toy Drive 

Match 1
Referee: Granny
Tommy Seto vs LA Starr
LA Star wins via pinfall after hitting the LA Street Boot

Match 2
Referee: Granny
Grizzly Duncan McBain vs Zavier Cortez 
 Zavier Cortez wins by DQ after Grizzly McBain refused to break choke after grannys 5 count
Match 3
Referee: Shianne Anders 
Tony Costello vs Chris Cline 
Chris Cline scores the pinfall with a reverse roll up 

Match 4 
4-Way Cruiserweight Title Match
Referee: Shianne Anders
Travis Dufour vs Sean Stephens vs Willie Radical vs Dalton Hayes 
Willie Radical became HoPWF new Cruiserweight Champion when he hit Sean Stephens with his rad factor


Match 5
HoPWF Tag Team Title Match
Referee: Shianne Anders 
The Wildcardz vs New Cobra Kai 
New Cobra Kai become new hopwf tag champions picking the pinfall after devastating roundhouse kick frog splash combination

Match 6
Hardcore Title Match 
Referee: Shianne Anders 
Tremor vs Joey Grunge 
Tremor became new hopwf hardcore champion picking up pinfall after Joey Grunge hit the exposed turnbuckle 

Match 7
Hopwf Heavyweight Title Battle Royal  
Referee: Granny & Shianne Anders 
Flandingo Martinez retains HoPWF Heavyweight Title

December 1, 2016

November 17, 2016

November 3, 2016

October 20, 2016

October 06, 2016

September 22, 2016

September 15, 2016

September 8, 2016

September 1, 2016

August 25, 2016

August 11, 2016

August 4, 2016

July 21, 2016

July 14, 2016

Wow, talk about a HOT night of pro wrestling! It was 90 degrees and humid when we started, but that didn't stop the crew from giving it their all. Another great night of learning for everyone. I wish some of the local "wrestlers" would simply swallow just a tiny bit of their pride, ego and/or personality differences and get their butts to the NWL Superior Pro Wrestling Training Center/HOUSE of PAIN. I am not here to make a fool out of anyone, I am here to make stars out of those who are willing to work hard to earn it because hard work is what it takes. The better the wrestlers are in this area, the better all these shows will look with properly trained talent. The better our members do, the better the school does at keeping Neil's name and dream going strong. It's great seeing NWL SPWTC/HoP talent appearing on big time TV wrestling programs and main eventing on WWE. And this is where it all begins.

Match 1
Dash Rippington vs Wille Radical
...Willie Radical was DQed after he hit Rippington with his brass megaphone.

Match 2
Tommy Seto vs LA Starr
...LA Starr got the pin following a big boot to the face of Seto.

Match 3
RL Smith w/ Dash Rippington vs Chris Cline
...Cline caught Smith with a roll up after RL collided with Rippington, who was standing on the ring apron.

Match 4
Triple Threat
Cocky Rocky DiCola vs Tremor vs Mr. V.I.P. Viper
...Viper used a small package roll up to get the pin on Tremor.

Match 5
HOUSE of PAIN Heavyweight Title Match
Wildman Robbie Paige vs (c) Flandingo Martinez
...Flandingo used a weapon to get the pin on Paige, but referee Shianne Anders found the hidden object after the and reversed the decision. Paige was awarded the win but Martinez retained the title. This was the top match of the evening, very few mistakes.

Wrestler Of The Night

Flandingo Martinez

28 pts

July 7, 2016

June 30, 2016

June 23, 2016

June 16, 2016

HOUSE of PAIN Thursday Night Matches Results

As always, the Thursday Night Matches sessions continue to impress us all with the amount of learning and fun that keeps increases each week. And this week we were very pleased to see the return of NWL SPWTC/HoP graduates Chris Cline and The Rev. We had 2 referees on duty, Shianne Anders and Jeremy Imes. Keep an eye on Shianne Anders, I expect her to make it to the higher levels in due time. She is only 18 years old and is already one of the top referees in this area. And being a female referee who knows how to work properly, her chances of making it big time are great as long as she keeps at it the way she is going.

Match 1
Tommy Seto vs Willie Radical
...Willie got the pin on Seto but Tommy performed a very impressive high drop kick that is sure to become one of his signature moves. Good job.

Match 2
Grizzly Joe Grasso w/ Dash Rippington vs Outkast Butch Hess
...Grasso was DQed after Rippington interfered in the match by tripping Outkast and throwing Grizzly his cane to use as a weapon.

Match 3
Hamish Stuart w/ Dash Rippington vs Cocky Rocky DiCola
...Rocky got the pin when Stuart hit Grasso by mistake while the referee was arguing with Rippington to get off the ring apron.

Match 4
HoPWF Heavyweight Title Match
(c) Tremor vs LA Starr
...Tremor retained the title when he got the pin after Flandingo Martinez approached the ring and hit Starr with a big punch while the referee was distracted.

Match 5
Battle Royal
...Dash Rippington made his wrestling debut in this match and NWL SPWTC/HoP graduate Chris Cline made his return. LA Starr won the BR.

Wrestler of the Week

TIE, Rocky DiCola & Tremor / 27 pts


June 9, 2016

HOUSE of PAIN Thursday Night Matches Results

The more we do these training sessions, the more I wish I started this system 20 years ago. Our members are learning so much better with this new training style and you can really notice the improvement each week. It also drives home the FACT that pro wrestling prospects today need to attend a good training center. Last night, I showed the team how the smallest aspects of this business can tip off a true pro as to exactly how well trained you are. As a 30 year ring veteran, and like all my peers and big time talent scouts, we can watch a wrestler put on his "working boots" (not amateur wrestling shoes. Kick pads can also go over real working boots!) and tell how well trained that individual is. Does the wrestler have working boots? Do they fit properly? Does he/she know the proper way to lace and unlace them? Yes, there is a "professional" method to putting on real working boots and taking them off. If experienced pros like myself can tell how well you're trained just by your footwear, imagine everything we look at during a match when scouting talent. If you claim to be taking your wrestling serious but never went through formal training, why not actually do so and stop by the NWL Superior Pro Wrestling Training Center./HOUSE of PAIN It blows my mind when so many pass up deals that are affordable for anyone and go train with "rasslers" who were never formally trained themselves. I will MATCH or BEAT ANY DEAL anyone offers new students in this area. You're foolish if you pass up that deal. I have a pride, passion and respect for this business. I've been at it for 30 years. And I am good at what I do, that's not bragging. That's backing up our training program. I'm just tired of seeing all the really bad wrestling on the independent scene. If it doesn't improve, WWE will sign much less talent from the independent wrestler pool and keep recruiting athelets from real sports and/or entertainers outside of the wrestling business.

Match 1
Hamish Stuart w/ Dash Rippington vs Grizzly Joe Grasso
...Grasso used his feet on the ropes to get the pin on Stuart.

Match 2
Tommy Seto vs Outkast Butch Hess
...Hess caught Seto with a Timber Slam to get the pin.

Match 3
RL Smith vs Cocky Rocky DiCola
...This match ended in a time limit draw.l Match of the evening, good job.

Match 4
Main Event Non-Title Tag Team Match
Wildman Robbie Paige & Tremor vs The Radical Stars - Willie Radical & LA Starr
...Paige hit Starr with a concealed weapon to get the pin.

Wrestler of the Night

TIE: RL Smith & Cocky Rocky DiCola - 28 pts


June 2, 2016

Match 1

Hamish Stuart w/ Midnyte vs LA Starr
...Midnyte held Starr's feet, allowing Stuart to get the pin. After the bell, referee Shianne Anders reversed the decision and awarded the match to LA starr.

Match 2
Tremor vs Willie Radical
...Tremor used his feet on the ropes to get the pin on Willie. After the bell, referee Shianne Anders reversed the decision and awarded the match to Willie Radical.

Match 3
Wildman Robbie Paige vs Cocky Rocky DiCola
...Robbie Paige used a weapon to knock out DiCola and get the pin. After the bell, referee Shianne Anders reversed the decision and awarded the match to Cocky Rocky DiCola.

Match 4
Main Event 6 Man Tag Team Match
Wildman Robbie Paige, Tremor & Hamish Stuart w. Midnyte
Cocky Rocky DiCola, Willie Radical & LA Starr
...Rocky took a weapon from Robbie Paige and used it to knock out the HoPWF Lightweight Champion to get the pin and the win for his team. After the bell, referee Shianne Anders refused to reverse the decision at the request of the losing team.

Wrestler of the Night

Wildman Robbie Paige

28 pts.


MAY 19, 2016

NWL SPWTC/HOUSE of PAIN graduate Luke Gallows took on WWE Heavyweight champion Roman Reigns tonight on Smackdown while our new crop of prospects were honing their skills in the ring. NWL SPWTC/HOUSE of PAIN graduate Chris Cline stopped in to check out the action. Another good night for training and learning.

Match #1
Three Way Elimination Match
Big Red vs Uno Dos Tres Nino vs Tommy Seto
...Seto caught Uno with a kick to the head to get the pin and eliminate Nino. Big Red used his feet on the ropes to get the pin on Seto but referee Jeremy Imes reversed the decision.

Match #2
Singles Match
Grizzly Joe Grasso vs Willie Radical
...Willie hit Grasso with a cross body tackle off the top rope to get the pin.

Match #3
Singles Match
"#"Hamish Stuart vs LA Starr
...Starr got the pin on Stuart following a roll up.

Match #4
HoPWF Heavyweight Title Match
Cocky Rocky DiCola vs champion Tremor w/ Hamish Stuart
...DiCola was DQed allowing Tremor to retain the title.

Wrestler of the Evening

TIE: Tremor & Cocky Rocky DiCola

29/30 pts


MAY 12, 2016

Match #1

"#"Hamish Stuart vs Tommy Seto
...Stuart pulled the tights following a schoolboy roll up to get the pin.

Match #2
Grizzly Joe Grasso w/ "#"Hamish Stuart vs LA Starr w/ Willie Radical
...Starr used his feet on the ropes to get the pin on Grasso.

Match # 3
HoPWF Lightweight Title 3 Way Elimination Match
Uno Dos Tres Nino vs Willie Radical vs champion Wildman Robbie Paige
...Willie got the pin on Uno following a choke slam. Paige retained the title when he got the pin on Willie following a martial arts kick to the head.

Match # 4
HoPWF Heavyweight Title Match
Cocky Rocky DiCola vs champion Tremor
...Tremor was disqualified following a low blow forearm but retained the title.

Wrestler of the Night

HoPWF Lightweight Champion Wildman Robbie Paige

28/30 pts


MAY 5, 2016

Match 1

HoPWF Lightweight Title Match
Wildman Robbie Paige vs Tommy Seto
...Wildman Robbie Paige became the new HoPWF Cruiserweight Champion after he got the pin in Seto following a Martial Arts Roundhouse Kick to the head.

Match 2
HoPWF Heavyweight Title Match
Tremor w/ "#"Hamish Stuart vs Cocky Rocky DiCola
...DiCola could not attend the matches but Wildman Robbie Paige offered to step in and take Rocky's place, preventing Tremor an automatic win via DQ. The match was set and Tremor became the new HoPWF Heavyweight Champion after he hit Paige with a chain to get the pin.

Match 3
HoPWF Tag Team Title Match
The Scottish Grizzlies - "#"Hamish Stuart & Grizzly Joe Grasso 
vs The Radical Stars - Willie Radical & LA Starr
...The Radical Stars, Willie Radical & LA Starr, became the new HoPWF Tag Team Champions after LA Starr got the pin on Stuart following a big boot to the face.

Match 4
Battle Royal
...HoPWF Heavyweight Champion Tremor won the BR.

Wrestler Of the Evening

HoPWF Heavyweight Champion Tremor

28/30 pts


April 28, 2016

Match 1

LA Starr vs Tommy Seto
...Starr used his feet on the ropes to get the pin on Seto.

Match 2
"#"Hamish Stuart vs Willie Radical
...Stuart was DQed following a low blow kick.

Match 3
Tremor vs Grizzly Joe Grasso
...Tremor pulled the tights to get the pin on Grasso.

Match 4
Cocky Rocky DiCola w/ "#"Hamish Stuart vs RL Smith
...Rocky hit Smith with an object to get the pin, but referee Bobby Mason reversed the decision when he found the weapon after the bell.

March 5
"Main Event" 
6 Man Tag Team Match
LA Starr, Tremor & Cocky Rocky DiCola w/ "#"Hamish Stuart 
vs RL Smith, Grizzly Joe Grasso & Willie Radical w/ Tommy Seto
...RL Smith got the pin on Starr to win the match for his team.

Wrestler of the Night

TIE: Tremor & Cocky Rocky DiCola

Total Points = 28/30


APRIL 14, 2016

Referees - Shianne Anders, Jeremy Imes
Ring Announcer - Sierra Anders
Ring Music/sound tech - Chris Anders

Match 1
Four Way Elimination Match
Tommy Seto vs James Ganskow vs Uno Dos Tres Nino vs RL Smith
...Smith pinned Ganskow and Uno, then submitted Seto to win the match.

Match 2
Single Match
Cocky Rocky DiCola vs Tyson Creed
...Rocky was the heel and got the pin on Creed to get the win.

Match 3
Triple Threat Match
"#"Hamish Stuart vs Grizzly Joe Grasso vs Tremor
...Stuart and Grasso were heels, while Tremor was the face. Tremor got the win when he pinned Grasso.

Match 4
Tag Team Match
Tremor & RL Smith (heels) vs Cocky Rocky DiCola & Grizzly Joe Grasso (faces)
...Grizzly Joe learned a lot about taking heat and the "proper" hot tag process that is so important in tag team wrestling. Rocky pinned Smith to get the win for his team.

Match 5
Battle Royal
...RL Smith worked the B.R. as a face and won the match.

NWL HOUSE of PAIN Wrestler of the Evening

RL Smith

High score: 27 out of 30 pts


APRIL 07, 2016

HOUSE of PAIN Thursday Night Matches "TV 
Superstars" Practice Session Cast:

John Rambo - The Grand Wizard of Wrestling
"#"Hamish Stuart - Macho Man Randy Savage
Cocky Rocky DiCola - Ric Flair
James Ganskow - Sandman
Uno Dos Tres Nino - Roman Reigns
LA Starr - Bushwhacker Luke
Willie Radical - Bushwhacker Butch
Ryan - Terry Funk
Grizzly Joe Grasso - Hacksaw Jim Dugan
Tommy Seto - Dolph Ziggler
Brady Hess - Undertaker
Tremor - Hulk Hogan & Jeff Hardy

Match 1 

Dolph Ziggler vs Roman Reigns vs Sandman vs Terry Funk
...Terry Funk pinned Reigns.

Match 2
Undertaker vs Jeff Hardy
...Hardy won by DQ

Match 3
Singles Match
Ric Flair w/ The Grand Wizard Of Wrestling vs Hacksaw Jim Dugan
...Flair got the pin when he hit Dugan with his 2x4 while the 
Wizard distracted referee Shianne Anders.

Match 4
Tag Team Match
"The Bushwhackers" Butch & Luke vs "Mega Powers" Hulk Hogan 
& Macho Man Randy Savage
...Mega Powers won the match when Hulkster pinned Butch 
following the big leg drop.

Match 5
Big John Studd Memorial Battle Royal
...The Real American Hulk Hogan won the 


MARCH 31, 2016

All the members were assigned WWWF/WWF/WWE wrestlers to impersonate in the ring during the practice matches. They all did very good jobs, but there were a few excellent standouts. The top impersonator for the evening was a tie between RL Smith aka Koko B. Ware and LA Starr & Willie Radical aka Bushwhackers Butch & Luke. Cocky Rocky DiCola did a great Michael P.S. Hayes and Outkast Butch Hess hit some classic Dusty Rhodes spots. Uno Dos Tres Nino aka Roman Reigns was the happiest he's ever been in any ring because he got to portray his all time wrestling hero. I can honestly say all the members had an exceptionally fun night at this practice match session. Performing in front of the other members is a whole different experience in a good way. A lot of learning is taking place with this new approach at preparing our members to be the best they can be come paid show time wherever that may be.

Next Thursday night, we're going to do another "TV wrestling superstar" impersonation session. But thius time, all the members will get to pick and choose who they want to be in the ring next week. I've already had requests for; Sandman, Macho Man Randy Savage, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair and Mankind. Should be another fun evening at the HoP.

Match 1
Ricky The Dragon Steamboat (Tommy Seto) vs Eddie Guerrero (Marco) vs Roman Reigns (Uno) vs Rowdy Roddy Piper ("#"Hamish Stuart)
...Piper pulled the tights of Steamboat to get the pin and the win.

Match 2 - Handicapped Match
Brooklyn Brawler Steve Lombardi (James Ganskow) & Repo Man (Ryan) vs Big Van Vader (Tremor)
...Vader used the Vader Bomb to get the pin on the Brawler.

Match 3
Bruiser Brody (Joe Grasso) vs American Dream Dusty Rhodes (Butch Hess)
...Brody was DQed due to a blatant low blow forearm in front of referee Jeremy Imes.

Match 4
Michael P.S. Hayes (Rocky DiCola) vs Koko B. Ware (RL Smith)
...The match ended in a time limit draw.

Match 5
Bushwhacker Luke (Willie Radical) vs Bushwhacker Butch (LA Starr)
...This was probably the match of the night, both NWL SPWTC/HoP graduates had all the members laughing and entertained from start to finish. Excellent job.


MARCH 24, 2016

Match 1
Handicap Match 3 vs 1
Uno Dos Tres Nino, Tommy Seto & James Ganskow vs Big Red
...Big Red pinned Uno for the win.

Match 2
Tyson Creed vs Wille Radical vs Grizzly Joe Grasso w/ Syn Masseuse
...Willie Radical switched roles tonight and pulled the tights of Creed to get the pin.

Match 3
Rocky P. Hayes w/ Syn Masseuse vs Wildman Robbie Paige
...Cocky Rocky DiCola did a Michael P. Hayes spoof and did an entertaining job with the gimmick. Paige got the win after Rocky tried to use his feet on the ropes but got caught by referee Shianne Anders, who ordered the match to continue. Wildman used his feet on the ropes without getting caught to get the 3 count.

Match 4
Outkast Butch Hess vs Tremor
...Both wrestlers switched from their usual face and heel roles, Hess was the heel and Tremor the face. Tremor got the win when Hess was DQed.

Match 5
LA Starr w/ Syn Masseuse vs Cocky Rocky DiCola
...Rocky used a figure 4 leg lock submission to get the win.

Match 6
Wildman Robbie Paige vs RL Smith
...Paige switched to heel while RL worked as a face for this match. Robbie hit Smith with an object to get the pin, but referee Shianne Anders found the object after the bell and reversed the decision making RL Smith the winner.

Top Wrestler of the Night

Wildman Robbie Paige

27 out of 30 pts


MARCH 17, 2016


 Beyond a doubt, one of the most productive learning classes we've had in a while. Everyone picked up a lot of knowledge this evening. The gang did a great job learning various aspects of "professionalism," along with focusing on personality, charisma and showmanship. The ability to put aside your real personality and transform into an entertaining alter ego. It's not about who wins or loses a match, it's all about how entertaining the workers are while they're performing their match.

Mach 1

Uno Dos Tres Nino vs James Ganskow vs Willie Radical

Willie pinned Ganskow for the win.

Match 2

(#)Hamish Stuart vs LA Starr

...Starr used a sleeper hold submission to get the win over Stuart.

Match 3

Cocky Rocky DiCola vs Grizzly Joe Grasso

...Grasso got the win when DiCola was DQed.

Match 4
Tag Team Match

The Blue Balls Brothers - Lefty & Righty vs The Whackadoodles - Fanatical & Radical

Honestly, this was the most entertaining Willie Radical and LA Starr have ever looked in the ring since they started training. They displayed more personality, charisma, had more fun and put on the most entertaining performance I have ever seen from the pair. Rocky DiCola and Joe Grasso played the part of the Blue Balls Brothers and they were hilarious. The Whackadoodles won the match when Fanatical (LA Starr) pinned Blue Balls Brother Lefty. Awesome learning experience for all four workers plus referee Shianne Anders.


Cocky Rocky DiCola won the BR.

We only had 3 NWL SPWTC/HoP graduates in attendance this evening so I didn't do any match grading, but I will say it would have been difficult to match or beat Cocky Rocky DiCola again this week, He did a fantastic job and is a tremendous asset to have stepping in the ring each week with our newer students. Two thumbs up to the entire crew this evening, and special thanks to Chris Anders on music/sound duties and pro photographer Brian Schneider.


MARCH 10, 2016


We had a nice group tonight and already have more added to next week's roster. Here are tonight's results:

Ring Announcer: Paul Booth
Referees: Bobby Mason IV

Match 1

Blueballs Brother Lefty -vs- Tommy Seto -vs- James Ganskow -vs- Blueballs Brother Righty

The masked tag team known as the "Blueballs Brothers" Lefty & Righty made their HoP debut in this match, and Brother Righty got the win when he pinned Tommy Seto.

Match 2
(#)Hamish Stuart -vs- Brady Hess
Hess pinned Stuart for the win.

Match 3
Outkast Butch Hess -vs- Grizzly Joe Grasso
Butch Hess, who normally wrestles the local indy scene as a face, worked this match as a heel and was DQed when he hit Grasso with a chain.

Match 4
Kidd Mike -vs- Willie Radical
Mike used his feet on the ropes to get the pin but referee Bobby Mason IV reversed the decision and awarded the match to Willie.

Match 5
Cocky Rocky Dicola -vs- LA Starr
Both wrestlers switched their normal face/heel roles for this match, Rocky was the heel and LA was the face. Rocky got the pin on Starr after (#)Hamish Stuart ran to ringside and hit LA with an object while DiCola was distracting the referee.

Match 6
Battle Royal
LA Starr won the BR. This match ended a very productive "learning" session for all members. Some workers got to reverse their normal face/heel roles and the new students got to be involved in a little "angle" work.

Top Wrestler of the Evening
Rocky DiCola
26 out of 30 possible points


MARCH 03, 2016


Referees: Jeremy Ames, Bobby Mason IV

Match 1
Tremor vs Grizzly Joe Grasso w/ Big Bear Roy Jillette
...Tremor pinned Grasso

Match 2
(#)Hamish Stuart w/ James Ganskow vs Outkast Butch Hess
...Butch Hess pinned Stuart.

Match 3
RL Smith vs Tommy Seto
RL Smith pinned Seto.

Match 4
10 Man Battle Royal
Tremor, Outkast Butch Hess, Grizzly Joe Grasso, RL Smith, Tyson Creed, Tommy Seto, (#)Hamish Stuart, Big Bear, Roy Jillette, James Ganskow, Uno Dos Tres Nino
...Butch Hess won the match.

Due to the weather, many members could not attend the HoP Thursday Night Matches. We only had 3 graduates on hand to work with the trainees, so I did not do any match grading this week. Next Thursday, LA Star, Willie Radical, Cocky Rocky DiCola, Granny and Brady Hess will be back in action at the SPWTC/HoP.


FEBRUARY 25, 2016


Match 1
Uno Dos Tres Nino vs Dre vs Tyson Creed vs Big Red
Big Red got the pin on Tyson Creed for the win.

Match 2
"The Rage" Gavin Lynn w/ She Wolf Lilith Moon vs RL Smith
Gavin Lynn was disqualified after She Wolf gave him a chain to use as a weapon on Smith.

Match 3
‪#‎Hamish‬ Stuart vs Willie Radical
Hamish Stuart had a very impressive first ever match at the HoP but Willie Radical got the pin on the new trainee.

Match 4
LA Starr vs Grizzly Joe Grasso
Returning trainee Joe Grasso showed tremendous potential even though he took the pin from a cheating LA Starr who pulled the tights to get the 3 count.

Match 5
Tremor vs Outkast Butch Hess
Tremor jumped Butch Hess from the get go but the Outkast quickly took the offensive until Tremor exited the ring and was counted out. All the wrestlers failed to throw Tremor back into the ring before the 10 count. Since all the wrestlers were already in or around the ring, the Battle Royal was called to begin.

Match 6
RL Smith won the BR.

"High Scorer"
24 out of 27 possible points